Why Choose USI Groups?

USI is your Power Generation Partner to help you minimize or avoid unscheduled time off the grid.  We understand your needs whether your business is coal, nuclear, natural gas, geothermal, wind, solar or hydroelectric. USI provides technical support, training and troubleshooting to help your team of maintenance personal, operational staff, or preferred contractors to Repair, Protect and Upgrade.

We have the expertise and the products to help you repair worn shaft journals, sloppy keyways, splines, leaking pipes, transformers, pump casings and impellers, gate and butterfly valves, duct work, hoppers, hydro turbines, penstocks, boiler skirts, bottom ash hoppers, slurry pumps, coal chutes, pipe elbows, conveyor belts, FDG’s , baghouse, heat exchangers, chillers and water boxes.

USI offers a full line of composite repair and protective coating systems.

  • Metal Repair
  • Ceramic Repair & Protection
  • Pipe Wraps & Rehabilitation
  • Rubber Repair
  • Concrete Repair
  • Flooring Epoxy Systems
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Chemical Resistant Linings

Let us help you repair, protect, and upgrade your structures, facilities, and machinery.

When you partner with USI, you get:

  • 24/7 Customer support for your project or repair
  • Product support specialists
  • AMPP Certified coating inspectors
  • Same-day shipping on most products

Industry Specific Brands

USI carries Resimac, USI Repair Kits, Duromar, Cortec and so much more.

Industry Related Products

USI carries liquid epoxy coatings, hot/cold applied tapes, wax tapes, rockshield and so much more.


Industry News

Trending news, industry challenges, and the most recent information on how to repair, protect and upgrade.

Non-metallic Composites in Nuclear Plants

The Oil & Gas industry has been using metallic materials for many years, but in some instances non-metallic materials like thermoplastic polymers and composites can offer a better solution. Ever-increasing

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Case Studies

Partnering with USI helps clients like you complete successful projects.

Twin Lobe Refurbishment

The Problem  The twin lobe, of which there are two in each Blower, weighs 3½ tons. As can be seen, it had been subjected to heavy erosion and corrosion as well as abrasion as a result of the very aggressive operating conditions. This sustained attack was altering the profile of

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Wind Tower Corrosion Repair

Wind Tower Corrosion Repair

The Problem A significant wind tower was suffering from severe corrosion due to prolonged exposure to harsh environmental conditions, it needed Wind Tower Corrosion Repair. The damage over time necessitated a comprehensive refurbishment to restore the tower’s integrity and performance. The client, seeking a high-performance, long-term repair solution, turned to

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chiller with corrosion

Chiller Plant at Big 10 University – 2015

The Problem A Chiller Plant at a Big 10 University was experiencing galvanic corrosion, also know as bimetal corrosion, which was eating away at the metals and causing tubes to plug.  This University wanted to lower their energy cost and felt a hydrophobic ceramic enhanced polymer coating would provide a

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Power Company Secondary Containment Repair

The Problem A major power company required a recommendation for the right coating and surface preparation procedures to assure them a long-time performance of their secondary containment system (50% caustic and 93% sulfuric acid), since their current coating was deteriorating. They selected USI for this recommendation. The Substrate Concrete The

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How To...

Everyone can always learn more about “How To…”, what do you need to learn more about?

How to Repair and Prevent Galvanic Corrosion in a Chiller

How to Repair and Prevent Galvanic Corrosion in a Chiller

Learn how to repair, protect and upgrade your chillers with Unconventional Solutions. We review galvanic corrosion and how to repair it on your chiller. Galvanic corrosion (dissimilar-metal corrosion) is an electrochemical process in which one metal corrodes preferentially, when in

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Planning Projects in 2019?

By Stormy Shaw Flooring Unconventional Solutions offers many kinds of flooring to fit every need. We have both epoxy and urethane coatings for refinishing. We also have repair systems that can increase the life of your existing floor. Whether it

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