InduMar Fix Stix Epoxy Everyday Steel-Reinforced Epoxy Solution


Fix Stix are hand-moldable, industrial strength, steel filled epoxy that stop leaks, fill holes and cracks, bonds and repair almost anything. No hot work or special tools required. Ready to use. This simple easy to use epoxy stick will stop leaks, fill holes and cracks fast. Fix Stix sets rock hard in about 20 minutes, works underwater and in a wide temperature range. Fix Stix is pre-measured, non-toxic, solvent free, has little odor, can be used on potable water lines and has excellent chemical resistance. It will not shrink, crack or pull away. Fix Stix can be machined, threaded and painted after fully curing.

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InduMar Fix Stix epoxy is your go-to tool for heavy-duty repairs. It’s a steel-reinforced, hand-moldable epoxy that is ready to tackle anything from plugging leaks to filling gaps and mending cracks. With its strong bond and versatile application, Fix Stix is designed to repair anything made of steel, ensuring durability and reliability.

Key Benefits of InduMar Fix Stix:

  • Industrial-Grade Repair: Fix Stix’s robust composition enables it to handle the toughest of repairs, saving time and reducing costs with its efficient application.
  • Ease of Use: This putty-like epoxy can be shaped and used by anyone on your team, no specialists required, for a quick and straightforward repair process.
  • Fast-Setting: With a curing time of only 20 minutes, InduMar Fix Stix allows for a rapid return to service, minimizing downtime.
  • No Heat or Tools Needed: Ready to use straight out of the packaging, Fix Stix doesn’t require any heating, mixing, or special tools, making it a hassle-free solution for emergency repairs.
  • Safe and Clean: A non-toxic, solvent-free formula with low odor makes Fix Stix a safe option for use in various environments, without the worry of VOCs or flammability.
  • Durable Outcome: It resists shrinkage, cracking, and detachment, while also providing exceptional resistance to chemicals, promising a long-lasting repair.
  • Versatile Application: Effective underwater and across a spectrum of temperatures, Fix Stix is adaptable to the most challenging conditions.
  • Finish as Desired: After it fully cures, Fix Stix can be machined, threaded, or painted, allowing for a seamless finish that won’t betray the fact that a repair has been made.

InduMar Fix Stix is more than just an epoxy; it’s a permanent fixture in your maintenance toolkit, providing a strong, lasting solution for steel repairs without interrupting your workflow.

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