Category: Power

Twin Lobe Refurbishment

The Problem  The twin lobe, of which there are two in each Blower, weighs 3½ tons. As can be seen, it had been subjected to heavy erosion and corrosion as…
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Chiller Refurbishment

The Problem A chiller operator at a large stadium was concerned with corrosion inside one of their chillers. Hearing about our solutions for corrosion protection and prevention, they decided to…
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Cooler Tower Basin Repair

The Problem The client was having problems with this cooling tower basin at a nuclear power plant because it was in desperate need of repair.  The basin was deteriorating, the…
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Wind Tower Repair

The Problem This wind tower in the thumb region of Michigan has becomes damaged over a period and requires refurbishing due to severe corrosion. The customer was looking for a…
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Utility Company’s Warehouse Aisle Restoration

The Problem This warehouse floor was reaching the end of its life cycle and the client was looking for a way to refurbish it instead of tearing it up and…
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chiller with corrosion

Chiller Plant at Big 10 University – 2015

The Problem A Chiller Plant at a Big 10 University was experiencing galvanic corrosion, also know as bimetal corrosion, which was eating away at the metals and causing tubes to…
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Power Company Secondary Containment Repair

The Problem A major power company required a recommendation for the right coating and surface preparation procedures to assure them a long-time performance of their secondary containment system (50% caustic…
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corrosion and erosion on turbine

Turbine Refurbishment

The Problem This turbine was originally built in 1923 and was used in a hydro-electric power plant.  The whole turbine was badly worn after years of use without protection. A…
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Detroit Utility Steam Tunnel

The Problem This Detroit utility steam tunnel can reach 220°F with constant humidity. Because of the harsh environment, they have been coating the railings on a weekly basis with a…
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Sulfuric Acid Containment Area

The Problem At this power station, there were many sulfuric acid spillages from the pumps and tanks operated by the power company. The sulfuric acid had severely eroded the concrete…
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