Duromar HPL-4320 (1 Gallon)


Duromar HPL-4320 is a high functionality, 100% solids novolac material, designed to provide optimal resistance to the most demanding chemicals including concentrated sulfuric acids and other inorganic acids.


Duromar HPL-4320: Advanced Epoxy Novolac Coating System

Duromar HPL-4320 represents the pinnacle of epoxy novolac coating systems, offering a 100% solids, zero VOC solution. This material has been meticulously developed to provide exceptional resistance against moderate to high concentrations of acids. It is specially formulated to cure at ambient temperatures, making it highly versatile for various application settings.

Optimal for Protective Applications: Duromar HPL-4320 is particularly well-suited for secondary containment and immersion service applications. Its robust composition ensures long-lasting protection in environments that are frequently exposed to aggressive substances.

Application Versatility: This coating can be efficiently applied using a variety of methods, including brush, roller, or plural component airless spray equipment. This flexibility in application allows for its use in a wide range of scenarios, adapting to the specific needs of each project.

Chemical Composition: Duromar HPL-4320 is a multi-functional epoxy, featuring a uniquely modified cycloaliphatic amine hardener. This innovative chemical makeup contributes to its superior performance, particularly in terms of chemical resistance and durability.

Whether it’s for industrial tanks, pipelines, or containment systems, Duromar HPL-4320 is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-quality, reliable, and environmentally friendly coating solution. Its ease of application and formidable protective qualities make it a standout product in the field of epoxy novolac coatings.

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