How to Fix an Active Leak on a Concrete Pipe

How to Fix an Active Leak on a Concrete Pipe

This article shows you how to fix an active leak on a concrete pipe in 5 easy steps, without cutting out and replacing a section of pipe.

STEP 1 – The pipe was first cleaned and prepped according to the Technical Data Sheets of the products to be used to create a long term solution.

STEP 2Resichem 574 Fastfill Plug was first applied and pushed into the crack/hole to stop any liquid seepage.

STEP 3Resichem 505 Damp Seal Primer was applied to wet out fiberglass that was wrapped 6 ply’s around the pipe.

STEP 4Resichem 501 CRSG was applied to protect against corrosion and chemical attack.

STEP 5Resimetal 108 Pipe Repair Tape was applied, 6 ply’s, to provide the needed PSI strength for a long term solution.

A USI expert technician is applying fiberglass wrap to the pipe to prepare for coating.
A USI expert technician is applying an epoxy coating to the outside of the fiberglass wrap to reinforce and protect.
A USI expert helps put the final coating on the pipe that is being repaired.

Now you know how to fix an active leak on a concrete pipe. At Unconventional solutions we are experts in providing non traditional methods to fixing every day industrial problems. From leaking pipes, concrete repair and replacement, to corrosion repair and protection. If its an every day industrial problem we have a solution! 

Do you currently have a leaking pipe? Contact a USI Technical Consultant Today at 248-735-7000 or office@USIgroups.com -ask us to stop by for a consultation.

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