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Why Choose USI Groups?

Wastewater Treatment and Water Treatment Plants both play a major role in health and safety of the population. USI partners with the both  to help with the needs of each of them to run 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We have simple to use metal repair composites to rebuild shaft journals, keyways and bearing housings in-place allowing to avoid hazardous “hot work” and fire watches.  If you have leaking pipes, we have several systems like Stop-It or ResiMetal 103 Stick Epoxy and  Resimetal 108 Pipe Wrap to make quick repairs without cutting out and replacing pipe.

We understand the importance to have ceramic repair polymers and protective coatings with NSF-61 approvals to protect pumps, valves and piping from erosion, corrosion or chemical attack. Our SAR with HPL-1110 PW would be ideal for coating water treatment plant pump casings and impellers. While many Waste Water Treatment Plants will use Duromar HAR or ResiMetal 204HD or 204UHD for Grit Pumps or other abrasive environments such as the the inside of a pipe elbows processing affluent.

Partnering with waste water treatment facilities to refurbish secondary containments and clarifiers is one thing USI prides itself in.

Concrete at both water treatment and wastewater facilities is constantly being replaced. Call our office to request one of highly trained account manager/technical sales associates to visit your site to help you avoid trip, slips and falls.

Concerned about chemical protection? USI has several AMPP/NACE Certified Coating Inspectors that can do coating audits to let you know what is working and not working when it comes to protecting your steel and concrete structures from aggressive chemicals or corrosion. We can also write a tighter coating specification you lower the overall cost of protecting our infrastructure.  Request a sight audit to see how we can help.

When you partner with USI, you get:

  • 24/7 Customer support for your project or repair
  • Product support specialists
  • NACE Certified coating inspectors
  • Same-day shipping on most products

Industry Specific Brands

USI carries Resimac, USI Repair Kits, Duromar, Cortec and so much more.

Industry Related Products

USI carries liquid epoxy coatings, hot/cold applied tapes, wax tapes, rockshield and so much more.

Industry News

Trending news, industry challenges, and the most recent information on how to repair, protect and upgrade.

Case Studies

Partnering with USI helps clients like you complete successful projects.

Tiffany Klingensmith

Leaking Wastewater Pipe Repair

The Challenge On New Year’s Day, this drain commission found an active leak at a 3-inch “T” and had no replacement parts available. Fortunately, they ordered pipe repair material from Unconventional Solutions four months earlier. The Substrate  Metal Pipe The Solution They used the RESIMETAL 105 Aqua Stick and RESIMETAL

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Tiffany Klingensmith

Spare Part – Valve Corrosion Protection

The Challenge This major natural gas company needed a solution to keep their larger critical spare parts corrosion free while in storage for an unknown future date of use. They need to keep larger, more expensive spare parts on hand, and ready to use, because when a part like that

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Tiffany Klingensmith

Power Plant Warehouse Floor Repair

The Challenge Years of heavy use, forklift traffic, water, cleaning chemicals and salts had severely damaged this floor at the primary warehouse of a Michigan Power Plant. The customer needed a long term solution that could be installed over the weekend, during a unit outage, to minimize inconvenience and downtime

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Tiffany Klingensmith

Leeching Trench Repair

The Challenge This Refinery had a concern with soil contamination by ethanol solvents and hydrocarbons. They contacted Unconventional Solutions for a system that would repair, protect, and upgrade the trench to give them a long-term solution to protect the environment without costly tear-out and re-pour of the entire trench. The

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How To...

Everyone can always learn more about “How To…”, what do you need to learn more about?

How to Repair and Prevent Galvanic Corrosion in a Chiller

Galvanic corrosion (dissimilar-metal corrosion) is an electrochemical process in which one metal corrodes preferentially, when in electrical contact with a different type of metal, and both metals are immersed in an electrolyte such as water. Chillers are prone to this

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How to Fix an Active Leak on a Concrete Pipe

STEP 1 – The pipe was first cleaned and prepped according to the Technical Data Sheets of the products to be used to create a long term solution. STEP 2 – Resichem 574 Fastfill Plug was first applied and pushed

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Planning Projects in 2019?

By Stormy Shaw Flooring Unconventional Solutions offers many kinds of flooring to fit every need. We have both epoxy and urethane coatings for refinishing. We also have repair systems that can increase the life of your existing floor. Whether it

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