Category: Metal Repair

Hydraulic Ram Repair

PROBLEM This hydraulic cylinder on an automotive assembly line hoist was scored and pitted causing loss of hydraulic oil, efficiency, and a hydraulic fluid puddle that could lead to a…
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Wastewater Treatment Plant Sewage Shaft

The Problem This wastewater treatment plant was having issues with their sewage shafts.  The shafts were showing signs of wear and tear.  The treatment plant was looking for a system…
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Valve Stem Repair

The Problem Automatic valve stems, such as the one shown in the photograph, had become worn over time due to the aggressive service environment at this fabrication plant. The Company,…
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Steel Mill Valve Repair

The Problem A Steel Mill was experiencing a leak in one of their coal handling valves.  The water was leaking out of the top and they were not able to…
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Shaft Repair in Mining Facility

The Problem This single toggle jaw crusher is located in a mining facility.  The bearings of the shaft weighing 3,000 pounds and costing over $20,000 new had been exposed as…
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Elevator Shaft at a Steel Mill

The Problem A steel mill in Michigan was experiencing heavy corrosion issues in the elevator shaft of one of their blast furnaces. The steel mill wanted the product to be…
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Shaft Repair on Rooftop

The Problem An automotive manufacturing company was hearing heavy vibration of a fan shaft on top of the roof, so they called Unconventional Solutions out for an emergency repair to…
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corrosion on a wastewater treatment plant tank

Wastewater Treatment Plant Tank Base Repair

The Problem This tank at a wastewater treatment plant was severely corroded and was no longer usable.  Unconventional Solutions was called in and they produced a plan to fix the…
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Low Pressure Gas Leak Repair

The Problem After buying an existing distribution line, a local gas company in Ohio found out they had some small leaks. This was a low pressure and low consequence area,…
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Natural Gas Pipeline Repair

The Problem The corrosion on this Natural Gas Pipeline that fuels a Blast Furnace in an aluminum plant was in critical need of a corrosion resistant repair that would also…
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