Category: Tanks

Condensation Tank Refurbishment

The Problem One of the big three automotive plants had a condensate tank that was severely corroded. The replacement cost was going to be over $100,000. They called Unconventional Solutions…
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Salt Tank Repair

The Problem This tank was leaking so the plant called USI to solve their issue.  Since we have helped this paper mill in the past with emergency leaks, they wanted…
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repairing rubber tank lining

NaOCL Rubber Tank Repair

The Problem This wastewater treatment facility client called USI because they had a leak in a rubber lining of a steel tank that had been replaced two years ago. He…
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corrosion in steel tank

Internal Tank Protection

The Problem This wastewater treatment plant was concerned about sodium hypochlorite (bleach) attacking their steel tank and structure. There were severe corrosion issues.  They called in their local Unconventional Solutions…
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