Duromar EAC-LV Easily Applied Ceramic


Brush grade maintenance material that has excellent resistance to acids and caustics as well as having excellent abrasion resistance.  It is primarily used to resurface any component requiring both abrasion and chemical resistance such as tanks, heat exchangers, valve or pump internals.



Excellent chemical and thermal resistance
Very good resistance to moderate levels of abrasion
Excellent fluid flow characteristics
Outstanding flexibility
Excellent resistance to cavitation
Ships DOT Non-Hazardous



EAC-LV has the consistency of a thick paint and can be applied up to 30 mils per coat. Theoretical coverage at 20 mils is 12.8 sq. ft. per kg. Although one coat will usually provide the required coverage, two or more coats will aid in the control of pinholes and holidays.


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Weight 8 lbs


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