Repair Solutions for Abrasion, Erosion, Corrosion and Chemical Attack Issues

Rebuild and protect your capital assets; such as machinery, equipment, building, and structures as an alternative to expensive replacement costs or unscheduled downtime.

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Building Maintenance & Protection Systems Services

USI helps clients solve problems big and small on a daily basis. Our work has saved our clients countless hours and millions of dollars allowing them to get back to running their businesses.


Complete turnkey solutions by applying USI products to protect and maintain buildings, structures, machinery, and equipment.


When you need N.A.C.E. Trained Technical Support or fast friendly service and delivery we are your go-to supplier.


Fast and friendly service and delivery for all your needs.


We are your go-to supplier for, Engineering Repair & Ceramic Lining Systems, High-Performance Paints & Linings, Pipeline Coatings, AND Building Maintenance & Protection Systems.


Serving our clients with Composite Repairs, Protective Coatings & Vaporphase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI’s), to repair, protect and upgrade critical infrastructure.


USI believes in continual technical support, training, and educational troubleshooting. We want to give you the peace of mind that we will be here to support you throughout your coating or repair projects.
Solutions by Industry
Oil & Gas: Pipeline, Refineries, Terminals, Compressor Stations Power: Plants, Stations, Generation, Transmission, Distribution Facility Maintenance: Food & Beverage, Schools, Hospitals, Prisons Manufacturing: Transportation, Electronics, Pulp/Paper, Industrial Equipment Mining: Coal, Metal, Non-Metallic, Oil & Gas Water & Wastewater: Water Treatment Plants, Stations Agriculture: Farming Equipment
Solutions We Offer

Pipe Repair/Rehabilitation: Coatings, Wraps, and Sealants

Chemical/Corrosion Protection: Metal, Ceramic, and Rubber Floor Repair and Protection: Concrete, Non-Skid, and Chemical Protection
NACE Certified Coating Inspections

USI Inspections

You deserve the best. USI Inspections’ personnel receive the most complete training curriculum, producing top-notch inspectors for your industry.  The NACE Coating Inspector Program is the world’s most recognized coating inspector certification program and is the standard for inspections in the protective coatings industry. USI reinforces the importance of surface preparation, environmental conditions, mixing and application of repair materials, liquid coatings, tapes, primers, and paints.

Ongoing Training

USI Inspections’ personnel receive ongoing training at NACE sponsored courses and events.

NACE Programs

Associates are sent to NACE Coating Inspector Programs once they master the basics.

NACE CIP Certified

Members of our team are NACE CIP Certified.

Proven Experience

USI has a combined industrial specific and coating know-how of over 100 years.

Turnkey solutions to prevent downtime & protect your infrastructure

Unconventional Services

USI Partners with Local Contractors to help clients solve problems big and small.


Complete turnkey solutions to protect and maintain buildings, structures, machinery, and equipment.


When you need NACE Certified Technical Support, Training & Troubleshooting TM.


Fast, Friendly Delivery, and Service. Call 248.735.7000 your order in before 2PM ET for Same Day Shipping. HotShot Delivery Service available.

USI Product Line


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