Wind Tower Corrosion Repair

Wind Tower Corrosion Repair

The Problem

A significant wind tower was suffering from severe corrosion due to prolonged exposure to harsh environmental conditions, it needed Wind Tower Corrosion Repair. The damage over time necessitated a comprehensive refurbishment to restore the tower’s integrity and performance. The client, seeking a high-performance, long-term repair solution, turned to Unconventional Solutions, Inc. (USI) for their expertise in repair and protection solutions.

The Substrate

The primary material of the wind tower requiring refurbishment was metal, a common substrate in such structures but one that is prone to corrosion, especially in outdoor environments.

The Solution

USI’s approach to refurbishing the wind tower involved several key steps:

  1. Surface Preparation:
    • The steel tower was prepared using an MBX Electric Bristle Blaster. This tool is particularly effective for achieving a near-white metal finish (NACE Grade Two), essential for ensuring the subsequent repair materials adhere properly and perform effectively.
  2. Initial Coating Application:
    • The first layer of protection was applied using RESICHEM 506 ALUPRIME. This epoxy high solids steel protection system is designed specifically for severely corroded areas, providing a robust barrier against further corrosion.
  3. Final Coating with RESICHEM 555 Resinox:
    • To ensure comprehensive protection and refurbishment, two coats of RESICHEM 555 Resinox were applied. This high-build acrylic encapsulation system is water-based and offers an optimal level of UV resistance, crucial for outdoor structures like wind towers.
    • The application of RESICHEM 555 Resinox was carefully executed to achieve a minimum Dry Film Thickness (DFT) of 350 microns (14 mils), ensuring long-lasting results. The product’s availability in grey or white offered aesthetic flexibility while providing anti-corrosive protection to the steel structure.

The refurbishment project was a success, resulting in the revitalization of the wind tower. The comprehensive approach taken by USI, from surface preparation to the application of advanced protective coatings, not only addressed the immediate corrosion issue but also provided a durable solution that will protect the tower for years to come. The client was highly satisfied with the results, appreciating the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of USI’s solution compared to the prospect of a full replacement.

Products Used

For advanced solutions in combating corrosion and extending the life of industrial structures, trust Unconventional Solutions. Our expertise in specialized coatings ensures your infrastructure is not just repaired but optimized for long-term performance. Contact us for your industrial repair and protective coating needs.

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