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As a dedicated distributor for Resimac, we are proud to showcase their cutting-edge product range developed by a distinguished team of product development scientists. Led by Dr. Paul Battey and Ian Robinson, this team brings unparalleled knowledge and industry experience to the table, allowing Resimac to craft innovative and unique materials that stand up to the most demanding industrial conditions.

The Resimac product portfolio, meticulously engineered under their guidance, provides robust protection for process equipment, systems, and various structural materials. Their solutions are designed to combat a comprehensive range of operational challenges, including chemical attack, erosion and corrosion, wear and abrasion, as well as damage from UV degradation, weathering, heat loss, and impact.

Our role as a distributor is to ensure that the ingenuity and effectiveness of Resimac’s materials are accessible to industries in need of high-performance protection for their critical infrastructure. With Resimac’s advanced materials, we are committed to delivering excellence and extending the lifespan of our clients’ investments in a variety of operational environments.

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