Category: Tank Repairs

Tank Chime Repair

The Problem A wastewater company was looking for a cost-effective and durable repair solution for their tank chimes. There was a 1½ in. gap that needed to be repaired and…
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crack in a water tank

Water Tank Repair

The Problem A water treatment facility had a concrete water tank with a crack that was in desperate need of repair. The facility only had eight hours to make the…
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corrosion on a wastewater treatment plant tank

Wastewater Treatment Plant Tank Base Repair

The Problem This tank at a wastewater treatment plant was severely corroded and was no longer usable.  Unconventional Solutions was called in and they produced a plan to fix the…
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Tank Seam and Rivet Repair

The Problem The outside of this tank had damage starting at its seams. Rust and erosion had started, and the tank needed a repair instead of a full replacement The…
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Tank Floating Roof Repair

The Problem This floating roof was failing and leaking vapors into the air causing EPA issues. The customer had to decide between welding a new roof in or a make-do…
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