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Why Choose USI Groups?

We understand Mining, Mineral and Metal Processing Industries  constant demand of meeting production deadlines while avoiding unscheduled down days caused by abrasion, corrosion or erosion.  We understand steel mills, aluminum mills, and mining needs and want to partner with you to improve safety, extend the life of your machinery and equipment while giving you an alternative to long lead times on replacement parts or loss of production. 
We make your job easier by helping you avoid hazardous  hot work permits to repair worn shaft journals, sloppy keyways, splines, bush housings, bearing housing, cracked blocks or casings, hold pans, scored rams or even leaking pipes with our composite repair systems.
Our synthetic rubber repair systems allow you to repair in house without waiting on heat vulcanizing contactors and equipment conveyor belts, rubber tracks, diaphragms, off road tires, rubber rollers, hoppers, rock belts, gaskets, valves, pumps and linings.
You can extend the life of your equipment and machinery suffering from abrasion, erosion, corrosion or chemical attack with USI ceramic repairs systems for coal chutes, chipper disc, hoppers, slurry pumps, duct work, vessels, pumps and casings with our ceramic rebuilding and resurfacing systems.

When you partner with USI, you get:

  • 24/7 Customer support for your project or repair
  • Product support specialists
  • NACE Certified coating inspectors
  • Same-day shipping on most products

Industry Specific Brands

USI carries Resimac, USI Repair Kits, Duromar, Cortec and so much more.

Industry Related Products

USI carries liquid epoxy coatings, hot/cold applied tapes, wax tapes, rockshield and so much more.


Industry News

Trending news, industry challenges, and the most recent information on how to repair, protect and upgrade.

Case Studies

Partnering with USI helps clients like you complete successful projects.

High Build Floor Protection

The Problem USI was approached for a heavy-duty floor protection system suitable for the concrete floors operating in an aggressive industrial environment. The ideal system would offer longevity in service as well as an aesthetically pleasing finish. They required a high-performance coating that could also be supplied in a range

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Pitted Steel Mill Floor Repair

The Problem This steel mill was dealing with a lot of pitting on their floors. They were looking for a solution that could easily smooth out the floor without having to shut down for a long period of time. They also needed to eliminate trip, slip, and fall issues which

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Corrosion Protection for a Steel Bridge

Corrosion Protection for a Steel Bridge at a Large Steel Mill

The Problem A bridge at a large steel mill was experiencing severe corrosion they needed corrosion protection for their steel bridge. The traditional method of grit blasting to prepare the surface for new coating was deemed too costly by the company. They sought an effective, water-based solution that would minimize

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Valve Stem Repair

The Problem Automatic valve stems, such as the one shown in the photograph, had become worn over time due to the aggressive service environment at this fabrication plant. The Company, which manufactures aluminum sheeting and foil, sought a high-performance engineering repair solution, which would result in minimum machine downtime. The

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Planning Projects in 2019?

By Stormy Shaw Flooring Unconventional Solutions offers many kinds of flooring to fit every need. We have both epoxy and urethane coatings for refinishing. We also have repair systems that can increase the life of your existing floor. Whether it

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