Unconventional Solutions Testimonials

Implementation Superintendent of a Major Gas Company

Our team was responding to an unscheduled repair. The time frame took place into the evening; with us having questions in regards to a protective product for pipe (this was a product that USI does not even supply).

Not only did Jason respond immediately and take calls at 11:30 in the evening. The USI team found the answers to our questions for a product they don’t even supply. This helped keep our boots on the ground team moving well.  

This type of effort, is not a one off event, rather the norm for USI. USI has a continued track record for assisting and doing the best they can to support in countless aspects.

I have always been impressed with the punctuality, professionalism and responsiveness of the USI team. Of course the USI group has supplied our coating needs, and training without issue. However in the above most recent experience. The supply of service form the USI team continues to go above and beyond what most anyone would expect. It is a true partnership to help each other succeed. Well done USI team.

Kind Regards,

Nick, L – Energy Transfer

In the past, I have used several different vendors for the different products that I required for jobs. That all stopped when I started doing business with USI because they sell everything I need. It’s great to work with one company for everything. I can call, text, or email and the supplies I need are here pretty much the next day. Their customer service is excellent and very personable. USI will be my only supplier moving forward. 

Fred, R – Detroit Lions

I enjoy working with USI because the office staff is great and I get invoices in a Timely fashion.  Doug and Tiffany always make sure that I get what I need.  The chiller end bell, tube bundle coating project went fantastic and the product is holding up great.  It was super easy to clean this year.

Sue, M – Material Sciences Corporation

I love that you guys are always readily available with solutions to our unconventional issues.  There are many, many companies that have no idea what we do here and why having things chemical resistant is so important to our operations.  Doug’s a huge help is filling that need.

I’m not sure how you could better do what you do.  You’ve filled a need for us that has went unfulfilled in the past.  I like the constant contact, yet not too much approach, that reminds me to check my supply so we don’t run out.