Repair. Protect. Upgrade.

As experts in composite repair, protective coatings & paints, and preventative corrosion inhibitors, USI Groups is dedicated to safeguarding, recovering, and ensuring the sustainability of your equipment and infrastructure.


Multi-Industrial Experts Helping to Ensure Uninterrupted Operations

Regardless of what industry you’re in — be it oil & gas, water & wastewater treatment, power, manufacturing, pulp & paper, or agriculture — production downtime can be one of the more costly situations your business faces. Not only do you need to repair or replace the product or infrastructure that’s affected, but the amount of time your production is at a standstill will greatly affect future profitability.
At USI Groups, we believe the answer to avoiding frustrating and expensive production interruption is threefold: repair, protect, and upgrade.

We partner with our network of skilled contractors to help clients address corrosion, concrete repair, and other critical infrastructure issues with turnkey solutions. Our quick delivery service, 24/7 tech support, and large inventory of protection products mean the repairs your company needs are performed quickly and of the highest quality.

Preventative maintenance and preparation is the key to avoiding unexpected business interruptions. Get ahead of potential issues by investing in protecting critical spare parts and providing facility maintenance services that will avoid costly repairs, replacements, and production latency down the line.

USI Groups is proud to have built a team of highly sought-after AMPP-certified coating inspectors, who are available to provide onsite or advanced manufacturing training for your inspectors, supervisors, and contractors. In addition to comprehensive training, we provide end-to-end technical support and troubleshooting for an array of industries and issues.

Training Services

Our AMPP-certified inspectors facilitate onsite advanced training that goes beyond the basic materials by inserting their years of experience and expert knowledge into the program.

Available training topics for classroom or tradeshows:

  • Surface Preparation & Inspection
  • Atmospheric Coating for the Pipeline Industry
  • 4 Proven Ways of Reducing the Economic Impact of Corrosion, a $2.5 Trillion Cost
  • 5 Things You Can Do To Create a Safer Facility, Factory, or Plant
    Pipeline Coating Selection
  • Train your Inspectors and Corrosion Techs on What To Look for To Ensure Project Success
  • Minimizing or Eliminating Unscheduled Downtime With Composite Repairs
  • Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) and How To Minimize the Economic Impact
  • Checking for Non-Visible Contamination and How To Remove Soluble Salts
  • History of Pipeline Coatings

For more information or to book a presentation, please call our office at 248.735.7000.

We can also train your in-house team or pipeline contractors on the following manufacturers:

  • Denso North America Petroleum Primers, Tapes, Hot Applied Tapes, and Liquid Coating such as Protal 7200, 7125, 7900, or 7300
  • 3M Scotchkote Training on Scotchkote 323+ and 328
  • SPC 2888 and 4888 by Jerry Holton, formerly of SPC and now an Unconventional Solutions trainer
  • MBX Bristle Blaster

Coating & Corrosion Services

When it comes to defending your equipment, facilities, and infrastructure from corrosive decay, preemptive action is key.

Atmospheric Coating – Safeguard against atmospheric corrosion for above-ground infrastructure and provide UV degradation.

Chemical Linings Systems – Avoid chemical incidents from spills, splashes, and other corrosive mishaps by providing a lining system.

Corrosion Protection Services – Utilize anti-corrosion chemicals to avoid corrosive damage to equipment or structures that may be susceptible.

Critical Spare Parts Protection – Add shrink film protection, papers, films, foams, vapor phase bags, emitter cups, and Cortec® Ecoline® products to your inventory parts to prevent corrosion on the critical spare parts that will be ready to use in case of emergency.

Non-skid Epoxy Floor Systems – Protect your flooring with anti-slip epoxy floor coating to prevent slips, trips, and falls for a safe environment.

Hydrotesting – Test the integrity of your piping system or pressure vessel to determine if things are operating properly with VpCI technology.

Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI) – Leveraging rust removers, lubricants, fogging, gear oil additives, and hydraulic oil additives to prevent water vapor from corroding metal components.

Download our Corrosion Capabilities Sheet

Download our Corrosion Inhibitor Capabilities Sheet

Rehabilitation, Repair, & Refurbishment Services

Repairing equipment and infrastructure is not only the most sustainable option but the most cost-effective and time-efficient solution for your business.

Ceramic Coating Repair & Protection
Chiller & Heat Exchanger Refurbishment
Clarifier Rehabilitation
Concrete Repair
Metal Coating Repair
Nonskid Epoxy Floor Repair & Refurbishment
NSF 600 Potable Life Coating Rehabilitation

Pipe Rehabilitation & Refurbishment
Pipe Wraps & Rehabilitation
Rubber Repair
Secondary Containment Refurbishment
Tank Repair & Linings
Trench Refurbishment

Facility Maintenance Services

USI Groups offers comprehensive solutions for airports, government facilities, hospitals, prisons, property management, schools, and sports arenas to keep their facilities running as smoothly as possible. Learn more.