Revolutionize Your Corrosion and Erosion Protection with Our Expert Specification Services

In the high-stakes world of the oil and gas industry, where the integrity of infrastructure is paramount, effective corrosion and erosion protection can mean the difference between operational excellence and costly failures. At Unconventional Solutions, we understand the critical role that precise and robust specifications play in safeguarding your assets. Our team of AMPP (Association for Materials Protection and Performance) certified coating inspectors is here to offer unparalleled expertise in writing and revising specifications for corrosion and erosion protection that meet the unique challenges of your projects.

Why Choose Unconventional Solutions? 

Expertise You Can Trust: Our team boasts two Level 3 certified coating inspectors and one Level 2 certified inspector, bringing together an impressive combined experience of over 90 years in the field. This level of expertise ensures that we not only understand the theoretical aspects of corrosion and erosion protection but have hands-on experience in addressing these challenges in real-world scenarios.

Tailored Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry: The oil and gas sector faces unique environmental and operational challenges that demand specialized solutions. Our inspectors are not only certified at the highest levels by AMPP but also have extensive experience specific to the oil and gas field. This allows us to tailor specifications that are not only compliant with industry standards but also optimized for your specific operational conditions.

A Comprehensive Approach: We believe in a holistic approach to corrosion and erosion protection. Our services extend beyond simply writing or modifying specifications. We work closely with your team to understand your operational environment, materials used, and potential risks. This comprehensive approach ensures that our specifications provide effective, efficient, and long-lasting protection for your assets.

Our Services

  • Specification Writing and Revision: Whether you’re developing a new project or updating existing infrastructure, our team can write or help revise your corrosion and erosion protection specifications. We ensure that your specifications are up-to-date with the latest industry standards and best practices, providing you with a robust defense against corrosion and erosion.

  • Consultation and Strategy Development: Our experts are available for consultation to help you develop a comprehensive corrosion and erosion protection strategy. This includes selecting the right materials, coatings, and application methods tailored to your project’s specific needs.

  • Inspection and Quality Assurance: With our AMPP certified inspectors, we offer inspection and quality assurance services to ensure that the application of protective systems meets the specifications and industry standards. Our proactive approach helps identify potential issues early, saving time and costs in the long run.

  • Training and Support: We provide training for your in-house team on the latest in corrosion and erosion protection technologies and best practices. Our support continues beyond the completion of the project, ensuring you’re always prepared for what lies ahead.

Let’s Work Together

In the oil and gas industry, where safety and reliability are non-negotiable, Unconventional Solutions is your trusted partner for corrosion and erosion protection. Our unparalleled expertise and tailored approach ensure that your assets are protected against the elements, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Don’t leave your corrosion and erosion protection to chance. Contact us today to learn how our certified inspectors can help you develop specifications that stand the test of time. Together, let’s ensure the longevity and efficiency of your operations with cutting-edge protection solutions. Call us today at 248-735-7000 or email at CS@usigroups.com.

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