Duromar HPL-1110 Lining: Enhanced Flexibility and Corrosion Resistance


HPL-1110 is a flexible, low viscosity, easy to use coating system used on structural steel, tank exteriors or other areas where extra corrosion resistance is required. It is shipped DOT non-corrosive.

Duromar HPL-1110 (Colored) – Black or Gray – 1/Gallon


Duromar HPL-1110: Enhanced Flexibility and Corrosion Resistance for Diverse Applications

HPL-1110 sets the standard for flexible, low viscosity coating systems, offering unparalleled ease of use in a range of applications. Specifically designed for structural steel, tank exteriors, and other areas demanding extra corrosion resistance, this product stands out for its adaptability and effectiveness.

Optimized for Durability and Application: The unique formulation of Duromar HPL-1110 ensures it remains flexible, making it an ideal solution for surfaces that require a coating able to accommodate movement or environmental changes. Its low viscosity contributes to its ease of application, allowing for smooth, even coverage on a variety of surfaces.

Transportation and Safety: Notably, Duromar HPL-1110 is classified as non-corrosive according to DOT standards, ensuring safe and hassle-free transportation.

Advanced Chemical Composition: At the heart of HPL-1110 is a multi-functional epoxy system, augmented with a specially modified alkyl-amine. This sophisticated chemical structure grants the coating its exceptional characteristics, including enhanced corrosion resistance and lasting flexibility.

Duromar HPL-1110 is more than just a coating – it’s a versatile solution that provides superior protection and durability for a wide range of industrial applications. Whether used on critical infrastructure or storage tanks, Duromar HPL-1110 delivers consistent results, maintaining the integrity and longevity of the surfaces it protects.

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