Duromar SAR-UF: High-Performance Ceramic Putty for Metal Restoration


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Duromar SAR-UF is a high-quality, easy-to-use rebuilding putty known for its exceptional abrasion and chemical resistance. Heavily laden with aluminum oxide, this product is ideal for substantial build-ups, capable of being applied to a thickness of an inch or more. It is particularly effective for restoring and rebuilding pump casings, slurry tanks, weld seams, and other metal components that require restoration.

Key Features of Duromar SAR-UF:

  • Superior Abrasion Resistance: Excellent for environments with entrained solids, offering robust protection against wear and tear.
  • Strong Chemical Resistance: Effectively withstands exposure to a wide variety of chemicals.
  • High Temperature and Thermal Shock Resistance: Maintains performance and integrity under thermal stress and varying temperatures.
  • Extended Pot Life: Allows for longer working times, ensuring ease of application.
  • Versatile Application Thickness: Can be applied in layers to achieve a thickness of 1 inch or more, making it suitable for extensive rebuilds.

Duromar SAR-UF is an indispensable solution for industries requiring durable, chemical-resistant, and easy-to-apply putty for metal component restoration. Its unique formulation and versatility make it an ideal choice for a wide range of repair and rebuild applications.

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Weight 8 lbs

1/2 Kilogram, 10 X 1/2 KG Kits, 4 X 4 KG Kits


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