InduMar STOP IT Gas Riser Rehabilitation


The STOP IT Riser Rehabilitation Kit is intended to strengthen the structural integrity of the riser nipple, or riser casing on non-leaking 3/4 and 1 standard anodeless risers.  It is comprised of a strong knitted fiberglass tape coated with fast setting, water-activated urethane resins. The STOP IT Riser Rehabilitation Kit also includes FIX STIX , a steel filled hand moldable epoxy that sets rock hard in only 20 minutes.

Using the STOP IT urethane rich fiberglass tape in combination with FIX STIX greatly increases repair capacity. One person with no special tools, no mixing, and minimal surface preparation can quickly repair in-field corroded piping in minutes without shutdown or pipe replacement.

The STOP IT Riser Rehabilitation Kit is a necessary item in an inventory of products for minimizing corrosion-related operating costs.

InduMar STOP IT Riser Rehabilitation Kit – 10/Pack



  • One person, no special tools
  • Fast and easy
  • No shut downs or relights
  • No pipe replacement
  • Easily conforms to irregular shapes

STOP IT® Riser Rehabilitation Kit Contents:

  • STOP IT® knitted fiberglass tape precoated with water-activated polyurethane resins
  • FIX STIX™ hand moldable epoxy*
  • Gloves for easy clean up
  • Detailed directions

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 13 × 6 in


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