Resimac 202: Advanced Ceramic Repair Fluid for Erosion and Corrosion Resistance (1 x 1kg)


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Resimac 202 Ceramic Repair Fluid is an erosion / corrosion resistant for heavy abrasion environments. The product contains hardened ceramic fillers and is ideal for protecting metallic surfaces in aggressive fluid flow environments.


Resimac 202 Ceramic Repair Fluid is a high-performance, solvent-free epoxy fluid, specifically formulated with hardened ceramic fillers. It is designed to provide exceptional erosion and corrosion resistance in heavy abrasion environments, making it ideal for extending the life and durability of metallic surfaces.

Key Features of Resimac 202:

  • Enhanced Protection: Offers superior protection against aggressive fluid flow environments, safeguarding metallic surfaces from erosion and corrosion.
  • Ceramic Filled Epoxy: Contains hardened ceramic fillers for increased resilience and longevity.
  • Surface Compatibility: Can be applied to surfaces that have been abrasive blast cleaned, ensuring strong adhesion and effectiveness.
  • Versatile Use with Other Resimac Products: Works optimally when applied to surfaces previously repaired using 101 Metal Repair Paste or 201 Ceramic Repair Paste.

Typical Applications:

  • Impellers and Pump Casings
  • Valves and Heat Exchanger End Plates
  • Water Boxes and Separator Housings
  • Pipes and Propellers
  • Kort Nozzles and Rudders
  • Bow Thrusters and Ship Hulls/Bow Separators

Resimac 202 is the perfect solution for industries and applications where metallic surfaces are exposed to harsh, abrasive environments. Whether it’s for maritime applications, industrial machinery, or fluid handling systems, Resimac 202 ensures your equipment remains protected and performs optimally under challenging conditions.


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