Steel Mill Valve Repair

Steel Mill Valve Repair

The Problem

A Steel Mill was experiencing a leak in one of their coal handling valves.  The water was leaking out of the top and they were not able to stop it.  They contacted the USI Team for a fast, long-lasting solution so that they could avoid unscheduled downtime and major water costs.

The Substrate


The Solution

First, the USI Team released some of the pressure from the valve to do the repair.  Then we compressed the RESIMETAL 105 Aqua Stick into the top of the valve to stop the leak.  After the leak was stopped, the entire valve was wrapped in RESIMETAL 108 Pipe Repair Tape.  Once cured, pressure was restored, and they were very impressed with the ease of application and the results the repair provided.  This Steel Mill saved over $100,000 in downtime, as this solution helped them to avoid an unscheduled down day.

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