CHLOR*TEST “CSN Salts” offers the specifier the availability of trouble-free performance testings, in the field, for chlorides, sulfates, and nitrates with one extraction. Uses a unique patented extract solution, CHLOR*EXTRACTº, to retrieve surface salt contamination. This special extract enhances retrieval rates, thereby increasing accuracy. The greater the retrieval rate, the more accurate the test results.

Chlor*Test CSN Salts – 5 Tests/Kit.

Chlor*Test CSN Salts – Refill – 5/Case.

Chlor*Test CSN Salts – Refill Bulk Pack – 50/Case.


Cross contamination is eliminated with one time use components

  • All test results are measured directly in parts per million. No conversion charts are needed.
  • Parts per million readings are a 1 to 1 ratio to micrograms per square centimeter. No mathematical calculations are necessary.


Once your testing is complete you will want to make sure you have plenty of Chlor*Rid on hand to prepare your surface.


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Weight 10 lbs


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