USI Leak Repair Kit


USI Leak Repair Kit includes:

1 Aqua Stick

2 Small Pipe Repair Tape (2″ x 6′)

2 Medium Pipe Repair Tape (2″ x 12′)

1 USI Universal Cleaner

1 USI Emergency Plug Pattie

1 Pair of Gloves

1 Tool Box

USI Leak Repair Kit


USI Leak Repair Kit

This kit is by far the equivalent to having a fire extinguisher on hand for ALL Facility Maintenance Managers.
This kit can fix small & medium size leaking pipes in a hurry.
A Best Practice is to order more than one, just like a fire extinguisher, you want to place the kits at key locations throughout your facility for quick easy access, to fix that leaking pipe ASAP.


Additional information

Weight 35 lbs


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