Trenton MC Outer-Wrap

MC™ outerwrap is a specialized blend of quick curing resins impregnated into a fiberglass fabric. It provides soil stress and backfill protection to coatings that need additional mechanical strength. MC™ outerwrap is specifically designed as a “hard shell” outerwrap over the Trenton Wax- Tape® wraps. It can also be used over other coatings. It is sold complete with gloves and Trenton MC™ outerwrap end adhesive. MC™ outerwrap is hand applied, with no other application materials needed.



  • Adds mechanical protection to soft coatings
  • Superior protection against soil stress
  • Protection against backfill
  • A “hard shell” coating that may be painted


Rolls are individually vacuum-packed in foil bags.
4″ x 4′ roll (1.33 sq.ft/roll)
4” x 12’ roll (4.0 sq ft / roll)
4” x 27’ roll (9.0 sq ft / roll)
6” x 27’ roll (13.5 sq ft / roll)
9″ x 40′ roll (30.0 sq ft/roll)


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