Trenton PVC Outerwrap: Cost-Effective Durability for Pipeline Coatings

Trenton PVC outer wrap requires no specific surface preparation and can be applied in a wide variety of environmental conditions. It is simply spiral-wrapped, with an overlap, over the existing corrosion coating. No special tools required.

Pipeline coating applications that might be subjected to severe soil stress or mechanical impingement can benefit from the protection of an additional outer wrap. Trenton PVC outer wrap is a cost-effective solution that delivers additional mechanical protection for Trenton Wax-Tape wraps


Enhance your pipeline corrosion coatings with Trenton PVC Outerwrap, an economical solution designed for easy application, delivering robust mechanical protection without the need for elaborate surface preparation or special tools.

Versatile and Straightforward Application

  • Trenton PVC Outerwrap is the epitome of user-friendliness. Its application involves a simple spiral wrap with overlap, readily applicable over existing corrosion coatings, and suitable for a vast array of environmental conditions.

Enhanced Protection Layer

  • Pipelines subject to severe soil stress or mechanical damage significantly benefit from the added layer of Trenton PVC Outerwrap. This product is specifically formulated to reinforce the durability of Trenton Wax-Tape® wraps, providing an economical yet effective shield.

Key Features for Optimal Defense

  • The application of PVC Outerwrap is straightforward, demanding no specialized tools, allowing for immediate, hassle-free installation.
  • Its construction is focused on delivering substantial mechanical protection and impact resistance, ensuring the longevity of pipeline coatings.
  • Not only is this product budget-friendly, but it also pairs seamlessly with a multitude of pipeline coatings, including but not limited to:
    • Trenton Wax-Tape® wraps
    • Epoxy coatings
    • Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE)
    • Polyethylene (PE)
    • Other common pipeline coatings

Ideal for an array of pipeline coating applications, Trenton PVC Outerwrap is your go-to for reinforcing the protective capabilities of your pipeline investments. It ensures added security and peace of mind where mechanical impacts and environmental stresses are a concern.


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