Efficient Industrial Floor Restoration at Michigan Power Plant

Efficient Industrial Floor Restoration at Michigan Power Plant

The Problem

A primary warehouse at a Michigan power plant faced significant flooring challenges due to years of heavy use they needed industrial floor restoration. The concrete floor, subjected to constant forklift traffic, water, cleaning chemicals, and salts, had become severely damaged. The client required a long-term solution that could be implemented quickly over a weekend outage, to minimize operational disruption.

The Substrate

The damaged floor was made of concrete, a material chosen for its durability in industrial settings. However, under the stress of continuous heavy use and exposure to harsh substances, even concrete can degrade, necessitating robust repair solutions.

The Solution

Unconventional Solutions offered an expedited and effective repair strategy for this industrial floor restoration:

  • Deep Concrete Repair with RESICHEM 576 Quartz Screed: To address areas with significant damage (ranging from three to six inches deep), RESICHEM 576 Quartz Screed was used. This product is known for its strength and ability to rebuild severely damaged concrete surfaces.
  • Priming with RESICHEM 506 ALUPRIME: Following the repair, RESICHEM 506 ALUPRIME was applied to prime the surface. This step was crucial for ensuring optimal adhesion and effectiveness of the subsequent coating.
  • Application of USI High Build Epoxy Coat: The final coating was USI High Build Epoxy Coat, chosen for its excellent abrasion, impact, and chemical resistance. This high-build epoxy coating provided a durable and resilient finish, capable of withstanding the warehouse’s demanding conditions.
  • Enhancing Safety with USI LD Grip Tech: For additional safety, USI LD Grip Tech was applied to the epoxy coating. This addition improved the floor’s traction, reducing the risk of slips and falls in the workplace.

restored warehouse floors

The warehouse floor restoration was completed successfully within the tight timeframe of a weekend outage. The combination of RESICHEM 576 Quartz Screed, RESICHEM 506 ALUPRIME, USI High Build Epoxy Coat, and USI LD Grip Tech not only restored the floor’s integrity but also enhanced its safety and durability. The power plant was highly satisfied with the quick turnaround and the quality of the restoration, which allowed for a swift return to full operational capacity with minimal downtime.

Products Used:

For expert and efficient solutions in industrial floor restoration, ensuring minimal downtime and maximized safety, contact Unconventional Solutions. Our specialized products and approach guarantee long-lasting results for your demanding industrial environments. Contact us for your flooring needs.

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