Effective Chemical Damage Repair in Concrete at a Power Station

Effective Chemical Damage Repair in Concrete at a Power Station

The Problem

A power station was dealing with significant structural damage due to frequent sulfuric acid spillages from its pumps and tanks what they needed; concrete chemical damage repair. The acid had severely eroded the concrete plinths and secondary containment areas, posing a safety and operational risk. Faced with this challenge, the company sought a cost-effective alternative to the expensive option of completely replacing these structures.

The Substrate

The affected areas were primarily composed of concrete, a material known for its strength and durability but also vulnerable to chemical erosion, especially from highly corrosive substances like sulfuric acid.

The Solution

After evaluating 20 competitive products, Unconventional Solutions recommended a tailored solution for this concrete chemical damage repair:

  • Preparation of the Damaged Area: The old, damaged concrete was broken up and removed. This step was crucial for ensuring that the new application would be on a stable and suitable surface.
  • Rebuilding and Priming: The secondary containment areas and pads were reconstructed to their original integrity. Following this, the area was primed with RESICHEM 503 SPEP, a specialized primer for enhancing adhesion and preparing surfaces for coating.
  • Application of RESICHEM 511 UCEN: Two coats of RESICHEM 511 UCEN were applied. This product was selected for its superior chemical resistance, essential for withstanding further sulfuric acid exposure.
  • Slip-Resistant Surface Creation: In areas where slip resistance was needed, aggregate was scattered into the second coat of RESICHEM 511 UCEN. A third coat was then applied to seal the grip and provide an additional layer of chemical-resistant protection.

The power station successfully addressed the erosion issue with this approach. The application of RESICHEM 511 UCEN, combined with the necessary structural repairs and the addition of slip-resistant features, provided a comprehensive solution. The result was not only cost-effective compared to replacing the structures but also ensured long-term resilience against future sulfuric acid spillages.


Products Used

  • RESICHEM 503 SPEP: Used for priming and preparing the concrete surfaces.
  • RESICHEM 511 UCEN (2 colors): Chosen for its chemical resistance and durability, providing a long-lasting solution to the acid erosion problem.

For solutions to complex chemical damage in industrial environments, trust Unconventional Solutions. Our expertise in advanced coating and repair technologies ensures your infrastructure remains intact and functional despite challenging conditions. Contact us for your chemical damage repair needs.

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