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Rethink Your Pipe Repair Operations - 5 Reasons To Avoid Hot Work Permits

Rethink Your Repair Operations – 5 Reasons To Avoid Hot Work Permits

In 2024, OSHA is pushing ever harder to reduce the number of injuries and fatal accidents contributed directly to welding, and has labeled such a “high priority” in its operations.…
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Valve Stem Repair

The Problem Automatic valve stems, such as the one shown in the photograph, had become worn over time due to the aggressive service environment at this fabrication plant. The Company,…
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Steel Mill Valve Repair

The Problem A Steel Mill was experiencing a leak in one of their coal handling valves.  The water was leaking out of the top and they were not able to…
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Shaft Repair in Mining Facility

The Problem This single toggle jaw crusher is located in a mining facility.  The bearings of the shaft weighing 3,000 pounds and costing over $20,000 new had been exposed as…
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Leading Edge August 2021

                           Cost of Corrosion “Over $1.1 Trillon yearly, roughly 2.1 percent of our GDP” Project: Clarifier Tank Repair…
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Leading Edge July 2021

EPA Raises Environmental Civil Penalties for 2021 U.S. EPA slightly increased its maximum monetary civil penalties for violations of air, water, chemical, and hazardous waste programs on December 23, 2020.…
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Leading Edge May 2021

Are you ready for the damage caused by ground water intrusion or leaking pipes?

Cost-Effective Repair of Concrete in an Old Crude Oil Pit

The Problem A crude oil pit in need of concrete repair, significantly aged and in a state of severe decay, presented a challenge. The pit required a robust solution to…
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Industrial Floor Restoration

Efficient Industrial Floor Restoration at Power Plant Warehouse

The Problem The primary warehouse of a Michigan Power Plant faced a significant challenge due to years of heavy use. The concrete floor had been subjected to constant forklift traffic,…
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Leeching Trench Repair

The Challenge This Refinery had a concern with soil contamination by ethanol solvents and hydrocarbons. They contacted Unconventional Solutions for a system that would repair, protect, and upgrade the trench…
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