Cost-Effective PCB Encapsulation in Electrical Company Service Center Floor

Cost-Effective PCB Encapsulation in Electrical Company Service Center Floor

The Challenge

A major electrical company faced a significant health and safety challenge at one of their service centers they needed to PCB encapsulate their floor. The floor of the facility was contaminated with Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) due to a leaking transformer being dragged across the floor in the 1970s. PCBs are hazardous chemicals, and the company was committed to providing a safe working environment for its employees. They sought an alternative to the prohibitively expensive option of excavating the floor and ground to remove the PCBs.

The Solution

The company turned to Unconventional Solutions (USI) for an innovative solution. USI had previously demonstrated success in flooring repair, protection, and upgrades, making them a trusted choice for this critical project.

  • Encapsulation Strategy: USI recommended encapsulating the PCBs within the flooring system rather than replacing the floor, a solution that was significantly more cost-effective.
  • Preparation: Following the Technical Data Sheet of the chosen products, the existing coating on the floor was roughened up with grinders and a buffing pad. This method was chosen to avoid disturbing any PCBs that might have been encapsulated in the existing coating.
  • Application of USI Self Leveling Epoxy Slurry: Two coats of USI Self Leveling Epoxy Slurry were applied, each at a thickness of 60 to 80 mils. The first coat was in red, followed by a final coat in gray. This two-tone approach served a dual purpose: it provided a robust encapsulation of the PCBs and also created a wear indicator. When the red layer becomes visible due to natural wear and tear, it signals that it is time to recoat the floor to maintain the encapsulation and continue protecting the employees.

The project was a success, providing a safe and compliant working environment at a fraction of the cost of floor excavation and PCB removal. The innovative two-coat process of the USI Self Leveling Epoxy Slurry not only securely encapsulated the hazardous PCBs but also introduced a practical wear indicator system. This approach ensures ongoing safety and compliance, allowing for timely maintenance and recoating. The company became a hero for its employees by ensuring their safety and avoiding the massive costs associated with traditional PCB remediation methods.

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For innovative and cost-effective solutions to complex industrial flooring challenges like PCB encapsulation, trust Unconventional Solutions. Our expertise ensures safe, compliant, and practical outcomes. Contact us for your specialized flooring needs.

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