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Industrial Concrete Floor Restoration

Durable Floor Restoration at Steel Company’s Break Room

THE PROBLEM A steel company faced a significant challenge with the condition of the break room floor. The concrete floor of the 800 sq. ft. room had begun to crack…
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Warehouse Concrete Floor leveling

The Problem The client faced significant challenges due to an issue with concrete leveling at their facility. A substantial movement joint, measuring between 2.4 to 3.0 inches, had developed between…
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Salt Tank Repair

The Problem This tank was leaking so the plant called USI to solve their issue.  Since we have helped this paper mill in the past with emergency leaks, they wanted…
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damaged airport taxi way

Airport Taxi Way

The Problem The airport was suffering from the continual breakdown and chipping of the arris edges of the concrete slab on the taxiway where they are jointed.  This was a…
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Utility Company’s Warehouse Aisle Restoration

The Problem This warehouse floor was reaching the end of its life cycle and the client was looking for a way to refurbish it instead of tearing it up and…
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Concrete Chemical Damage Repair

Effective Chemical Damage Repair in Concrete at a Power Station

The Problem A power station was dealing with significant structural damage due to frequent sulfuric acid spillages from its pumps and tanks what they needed; concrete chemical damage repair. The…
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secondary containment area in need of repair

Sodium Hypochlorite Secondary Containment Repair

The Problem A mid-west municipal power plant required a recommendation for the right coating and surface preparation procedures to assure a long-time performance for their bleach house secondary containment (12%…
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Industrial Floor Restoration

Efficient Industrial Floor Restoration at Michigan Power Plant

The Problem A primary warehouse at a Michigan power plant faced significant flooring challenges due to years of heavy use they needed industrial floor restoration. The concrete floor, subjected to…
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Cooling Tower Basin Concrete Repair

Cooling Tower Basin Repair at Nuclear Power Plant

The Problem A nuclear power plant faced significant issues with its cooling tower basin the concrete was in need of repair. The basin was in a state of disrepair, with…
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Concrete Floor Chemical Damage Repair

Revitalizing the Chemically Damaged Floor of a Beverage Manufacturer’s Power Plant

The Problem A major beverage manufacturer was grappling with a significant issue in their power plant. The concrete floor had sustained considerable damage due to constant exposure to aggressive chemicals.…
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