Dealership Floor Refurbishment and Logo Stenciling

Dealership Floor Refurbishment and Logo Stenciling


Dealership Floor Refurbishment: A car dealership, needed to refurbish their showroom floor, which was showing signs of wear from years of use. Additionally, they wanted to stencil their new logo on the floor to create an aesthetically pleasing area for customers bringing vehicles to their dealership. The goal was to ensure the floor was durable, visually appealing, and slip-resistant.


Concrete: The existing floor was made of concrete, which required proper preparation for the new coatings and logo application.


Unconventional Solutions, Inc. (USI) provided a comprehensive dealership floor refurbishment and logo stenciling solution:

  1. Surface Preparation:
    • The USI crew began by grinding the floor surfaces to remove the existing logo and floor coating. This step was essential to create the proper anchor profile for the new coatings.
    • After thoroughly cleaning the floor, the surface was ready for the primer application.
  2. Primer Application:
  3. Epoxy Coating:
    • USI then applied one coat of USI High Build Epoxy in light grey. This high-build epoxy coating provided a durable and smooth base layer.
  4. Logo Stenciling:
    • Once the floor had cured enough, the area where the logo was to be laid was lightly abraded.
    • The new stencil for the client’s logo was laid out, and two coats of USI High Performance Urethane in blue were applied. This coating ensured the logo was vibrant and durable.
  5. Final Coating and Slip Resistance:
    • After the logo had cured, the entire floor, including the logo, was lightly sanded.
    • One coat of USI High Wear System was applied, and 46 grit Aluminum Oxide was broadcast throughout for slip resistance.
    • The floor was then back-rolled to ensure an even distribution of the aggregate and a smooth finish.

The Outcome The floor refurbishment project at the dealership was completed successfully, resulting in a durable, slip-resistant, and visually appealing floor. The new logo stenciled on the floor added a professional and customized touch to the dealership’s showroom. The client was extremely satisfied with the results, noting the significant improvement in both the aesthetics and functionality of the floor. The new flooring system will provide long-lasting performance and safety for customers and staff alike.


USI Flexible Broadcast Primer: For excellent adhesion to the concrete substrate.

USI High Build Epoxy: A durable, high-build coating providing a robust base layer.

USI High Performance Urethane: Used for the logo application, ensuring a vibrant and long-lasting finish.

USI High Wear System: A final coating providing wear resistance and enhanced durability.

46 grit Aluminum Oxide: Broadcast into the final coating for superior slip resistance.


For comprehensive floor refurbishment solutions that enhance both aesthetics and functionality, trust Unconventional Solutions. Our expertise in high-performance coatings and customized applications ensures your facility looks great and performs even better. Contact us today for your floor refurbishment and coating needs.

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