Durable Floor Restoration at Steel Company’s Break Room

Durable Floor Restoration at Steel Company’s Break Room


A steel company faced a significant challenge with the condition of the break room floor. The concrete floor of the 800 sq. ft. room had begun to crack due to everyday wear and tear. These cracks not only detracted from the aesthetics of the room but also posed a safety hazard to employees. Instead of opting for a complete floor replacement, which would be costly and time-consuming, Unconventional Solutions was tasked with finding a more practical alternative.


The floor in need of repair was made of concrete, a common material for industrial and commercial flooring due to its durability and longevity. However, even concrete is prone to damage over time, especially in high-traffic areas like a break room.


Unconventional Solutions implemented a multi-step process to complete this Industrial Concrete Floor Restoration:

  • Cleaning and Surface Preparation: Initially, the floor surface was thoroughly cleaned. Then, a diamond wheel grinder was used to prep the floor, creating the proper surface profile needed for the primer and coating to adhere effectively.
  • Application of USI Flexible Primer: After surface preparation, USI Flexible Primer was applied. This solvent-free floor primer is known for its excellent adhesion properties, making it ideal for concrete surfaces.
  • Coating with USI High Build: Finally, the floor was coated with USI High Build, a high-build, ceramic-enhanced, solvent-free floor coating. This product provides a high-performance finish, offering good abrasion and chemical resistance, ensuring the floor’s longevity and safety.


USI Flexible Primer: Selected for its strong adhesion properties and suitability for concrete surfaces.

USI High Build: Chosen for its high-build quality, enhanced with ceramic for durability, and chemical and abrasion resistance.


For practical and long-lasting solutions to concrete floor damage in industrial and commercial settings, trust Unconventional Solutions. Our expert approach and high-quality products ensure your floors are safe, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Contact us for your flooring restoration needs.

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