Utility Company’s Warehouse Aisle Restoration

Utility Company’s Warehouse Aisle Restoration

The Problem

This warehouse floor was reaching the end of its life cycle and the client was looking for a way to refurbish it instead of tearing it up and pouring a new floor. This is the main warehouse that runs 24/7 for the utility company, so they are not able to close it down. 

Since Unconventional Solutions, Inc. has had success with several other projects they selected our expertise and quality of service to do this job. They knew that if they waited a couple more years, they would have to jack-hammer the floor out and pour new. They were looking for a repair option to avoid the expensive replacement costs.

The Substrate


The Solution

To prep the floors, we used vacuum blasting on the large open areas and hand grinding with a vacuum attachment in tight corners. We then thoroughly swept and vacuumed to remove any remaining dirt and debris from the surface. 

Once the area was fully prepped, we coated the entire area with USI SF Polyaspartic Sealer followed by USI High Build Epoxy Coat. As you can see in the picture above we were cutting in on the edges with brushes then used squeegees and rollers on the rest of the floor. To complete the repair, a coat of RESICHEM 503 SPEP was applied to the floor.  

This project was done in stages over several weekends to avoid shutdown.

Products Used

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