Salt Tank Repair

Salt Tank Repair

The Problem

This tank was leaking so the plant called USI to solve their issue. 

Since we have helped this paper mill in the past with emergency leaks, they wanted someone that could help them in a pinch. 

The Substrate


The Solution

To prepare the leaking tank for repair, they took the tank down from service and drained it.   

We water-jetted the concrete to clean and get an ideal profile. 

After the tank was dried, we sealed the concrete with Resichem Damp Seal 505.

USI coated the tank with Resichem 501 CRSG, a lining, in two different colors to make sure there were no pinholes showing.  

A two-color system is recommended for this tank because of the abrasive environment. Once the first coat’s color is showing through, the client will schedule the tank to be recoated to continue to protect it from abrasion.

Products Used

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