Viscotaq EZ Wrap: Premium Corrosion Prevention and Waterproofing Coating


Paintable tape that provides immediate adhesion, is a-polar, rejects water, and requires no cure time.  This product contains a “Paintable topcoat backing

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Viscotaq EZ Wrap is a cutting-edge, amorphous, apolar, visco-elastic, semi-solid polyolefin coating designed for superior corrosion prevention and waterproofing of both underground and aboveground substrates. As a key component of the Viscotaq coating system, it involves a sealant or mastic with EZ Wrap coverage, supplemented by a mechanical protective layer if necessary. This system is engineered to deliver unparalleled corrosion resistance for a wide range of substrates.

Applications of Viscotaq EZ Wrap:

  • Suitable for concrete, steel, PVC, metal, wood, vinyl, and other coatings.
  • Ideal for soil-to-air transitions, pipe flanges, valves, fittings, and girth welds.
  • Perfect for buried pipelines with minimal surface preparation.
  • Effective waterproofing for gravity-fed pipes, manholes, seams, and cracks.
  • Utilized in CUI applications and as an end seal for pipe casing.
  • Provides tank chime waterproofing and joint sealing.

Outstanding Features of Viscotaq EZ Wrap:

  • Moisture and Gas Barrier: Impermeable, ensuring a secure seal against environmental factors.
  • Immediate Substrate Adhesion: Offers permanent wetting characteristics without the need for a primer.
  • User-Friendly Application: Simplified application process with no mixing or complex cleanup.
  • Minimal Preparation: Requires only basic surface preparation such as a wire brush (SP2).
  • Cathodic Protection: Provides excellent cathodic protection with low cathodic disbondment.
  • Self-Healing: Capable of auto-repairing minor damages, enhancing longevity.
  • Durability: Inert composition prevents deterioration over time.
  • Resilience: Withstands harsh soil conditions, including water, acid, salts, and organics.
  • Ready for Immediate Service: Offers a quick long-term protective solution.
  • Safe and Eco-Friendly: Free from solvents and carcinogens; non-toxic and non-flammable with fire-retardant properties.
  • UV and Weather Resistance: Remains flexible and does not crack or become brittle.
  • Adaptability: Easily conforms to irregular shapes and withstands freeze/thaw cycles.
  • Thermal Stability: Functions effectively within a temperature range of -45°F to 158°F (-45°C to 70°C).
  • Filling Capability: Excellently fills substrate voids and anomalies.
  • Standards Compliance: Meets NACE 0109:2019 and ISO 21809-3:2016 requirements.
  • High-Temperature Variant: Available in a grade suitable for higher temperature applications.

Viscotaq EZ Wrap is the optimal choice for industries seeking a reliable, high-performance coating for protection against corrosion and environmental exposure, delivering long-lasting, flexible, and robust coating solutions.

Below is a demonstration on how Denso Viscotaq® EZ Wrap is easily applied.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs

12" x 24' (4 pack), 12" x 24' 1 Roll, 2" x 24' (1 Roll), 2" x 24' (12 pack), 4" x 24' (8 pack), 4" x 24" (1 roll), 6" x 24' (4 pack), 6" x 24" (1 Roll)


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