Denso Viscotaq EZ Wrap 2″ x 24′ (1 Roll)


Paintable tape that provides immediate adhesion, is a-polar, rejects water, and requires no cure time.  This product contains a “Paintable topcoat backing

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An amorphous, apolar, semi-solid, polyolefin coating with a paintable topcoat backing for exceptional corrosion prevention and waterproofing for a variety of substrates.


  • Waterproofing of gravity-fed pipes, manholes, seams, penetrations, and cracks
  • CUI applications
  • End seal for pipe casing
  • Tank chimes
  • Buried pipelines with minimal surface preparation
  • Waterproofing for bell & spigot joints and more

Below is a demonstration on how Denso Viscotaq® EZ Wrap is easily applied.

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