USI Self Leveling Epoxy Slurry


USI Self Leveling Epoxy Slurry is a two component plus aggregate colored 100% solids epoxy recoatable, high gloss, abrasion resistant flooring system that can withstand impact and thermal shock.  Recommended for a high build resurfacing for traffic areas where a seamless floor is desired.


USI Self Leveling Epoxy Slurry – Red – 1.5 Gal Kit.

USI Self Leveling Epoxy Slurry – Med. Gray – 1.5 Gal Kit.



REAGENT                     RATING

xylene                                  B
methanol                             A
ethyl alcohol                       C
skydrol                                A
50% sodium hydroxide    D
10% sulfuric acid               C
70% sulfuric acid               A
10% HC1 (aq)                     C
5% acetic acid                    B

Rating key: A – not recommended, B – 2 hour term splash spill, C – 8 hour term splash spill, D – 72 hour immersion, E – long term immersion. NOTE: extensive chemical resistance information is available through your sales representative.

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Weight 35 lbs


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