Trenton Wax Tape Primer

Trenton Wax-Tape Primer is a blend of microcrystalline waxes, plasticizers, and corrosion inhibitors (no clay fillers). It has a paste-like consistency and is designed to displace moisture and wet the surface, ensuring a continuous anticorrosion film on the surface prior to wrapping with Wax-Tape wrap. Wax-Tape Primer remains spreadable even in cold conditions. In high-temperature applications, Trenton Temcoat  3000 is the preferred primer.

As a surface conditioner for above ground and below ground metal surfaces prior to application of Trenton Wax-Tape®     #1 and #2 wraps.

Trenton Wax Tape Primer – Brown – 4 Gallons/Case

Trenton Wax Tape Primer – White – 4 Gallons/Case



  • Goes on easily by hand
  • Displaces moisture
  • Penetrates surface rust
  • Facilitates wetting of surfaces
  • Only a thin coat is required
  • No waiting for drying or curing
  • No mixing, thinning or stirring
  • Compatible with other coatings
  • Nontoxic, nonflammable, non carcinogenic, no VOCs

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