Trenton Guard-Wrap (Outer wrap)

Guard-Wrap™ consists of a spunbonded polyester mat, saturated with microcrystalline wax that is laminated to a polyester film which is coated with microcrystalline wax. Its conformability makes it ideal for wrapping fittings. It also works well on straight pipe. It is used as a protective wrapper over Innercoat® and provides mechanical strength against back fill stress while also contributing an added dielectric barrier.

Guard-Wrap – 6″ x 150′ – 6/Case

Guard-Wrap – 9″ x 150′ – 4/Case

Guard-Wrap – 12″ x 150′ – 3/Case

Guard-Wrap – 18″ x 150′ – 2/Case


Trenton Guard-Wrap is an advanced protective wrapping material, expertly engineered to safeguard pipe coatings against harsh environmental factors. This product features a unique composition, combining a spunbonded polyester mat saturated with microcrystalline wax and a polyester film, also coated with microcrystalline wax. The result is a wrap that provides robust protection while remaining highly conformable, making it particularly effective for wrapping pipe fittings as well as straight pipes.

Key Benefits of Trenton Guard-Wrap:

  • Exceptional Conformability: Easily adapts to irregular shapes and surfaces, ensuring comprehensive coverage and protection.
  • Dual-Layer Strength: The combination of a polyester mat and film provides enhanced mechanical strength, making it resilient against backfill and soil stress.
  • Versatile Protection: Guard-Wrap is designed to be used over various Trenton coatings such as Temcoat™, Innercoat®, and #1 Wax-Tape®, offering an added layer of defense.
  • Moisture Barrier and Dielectric Strength: Acts as an additional moisture barrier while increasing the dielectric strength of the underlying coating.
  • Heat Resilience: Capable of withstanding the temperatures involved in hot-application processes.
  • Chemical and Bacterial Resistance: Its composition makes it resistant to a wide range of chemicals and bacterial degradation.
  • Inert Material Composition: The use of inert materials in its construction ensures longevity and consistent performance.

Trenton Guard-Wrap is an ideal solution for anyone looking to extend the life and enhance the performance of pipe coatings. Its superior design and material composition make it a reliable choice for protecting against the rigors of environmental and operational stress. Whether used in industrial, commercial, or residential settings, Trenton Guard-Wrap stands as a testament to durable and efficient pipe coating protection.


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