Trenton Innercoat

Innercoat® is a blend of microcrystalline waxes designed to provide the most desirable corrosion resistance, adhesion and wetting characteristics. It is hot-applied directly to the pipe surface and is always over-wrapped with a proper Trenton wrapper depending on the type of application. Its ease of application and “forgiving” character in difficult applications make it an ideal all-purpose pipe coating.

Trenton Innercoat – 47 lb. Block

Trenton Innercoat – 7 – 1/2 lb. Blocks – 6/Case

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The combination of Innercoat® Hot-Applied Wax and Guard-Wrap™ wrapper is used to prevent corrosion of belowground metal structures. Innercoat® is a microcrystalline wax blend that has been successfully used as a pipe coating for over 50 years. Innercoat® hot wax coating is ideally suited for the job of protecting against corrosion. It has first-rate waterproofing characteristics because of its low moisture absorption and low rate of moisture transmission. Also, it is an exceptional dielectric barrier with high electrical resistance. When heated to a liquid for application to the pipe surface, Innercoat® has an oil-like consistency that penetrates the pores of the metal, thoroughly wetting the surface. Even after hardening, it continues to be pliable or “live,” allowing the wax coating to “flex” with the pipe as it moves due to underground stress and temperature variations. It is inert and will not change in character or composition over time, as well as being resistant to chemicals and bacteria commonly found in soils. Innercoat® is applied hot, but quickly cools and hardens and can be backfilled immediately after application of Guard-Wrap™ wrapper.


  • An effective pipe coating proven by over 50 years’ field use
  • Excellent corrosion barrier Low moisture absorption and transmission
  • Excellent dielectric barrier Excellent wetting and adhesion properties
  • Excellent ductility
  • Permanently inert
  • Resistant to chemicals and bacteria commonly found in soils
  • Easy to apply Compatible with other coating materials
  • Can be reheated without altering composition
  • No primers required
  • No waiting before backfilling
  • No dangerous fumes
  • Nontoxic, noncarcinogenic

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