InduMar STOP IT® BoreShield – High-Strength Fiberglass Pipe Protection System


The STOP IT® BoreShield system includes a strong fiberglass knitted tape, pre-coated with fast setting water-activated urethane resins. Installation simply involves wrapping the tape around the area in need of protection.

STOP IT® BoreShield can be installed by one person with no special tools or hot work, and provides for quick, in-field applications, regardless of weather conditions, pipe orientation, or local geometries. Recommended for use on pipes up to 48 inches in diameter.

InduMar STOP IT® BoreShield – 4″ x 12′ – 10/Pack

InduMar STOP IT® BoreShield – 4″ x 25′ – 10/Pack

Download the InduMar STOP IT® BoreShield Technical Data Sheet (TDS)


The InduMar STOP IT® BoreShield system is a state-of-the-art solution for pipe protection, featuring a robust fiberglass knitted tape pre-coated with rapidly setting, water-activated urethane resins. The key to STOP IT® BoreShield’s effectiveness lies in its simplicity of installation, which involves just wrapping the tape around the desired area. This system is designed for ease of use by a single person, eliminating the need for special tools or hot work, making it ideal for quick, on-site applications in any weather condition, pipe orientation, or complex geometry. STOP IT® BoreShield is particularly recommended for pipes with a diameter of less than 12 inches. For optimal results and tailored advice, InduMar recommends contacting them directly with the specific conditions and requirements of your project.

InduMar STOP IT® BoreShield Attributes:

  • Applicable to both wet and dry surfaces.
  • Exhibits superior resistance to environmental degradation.
  • Offers excellent abrasion and impact resistance.
  • Ensures strong adhesion to pipe surfaces.
  • Features a water-activated urethane resin system that cures to form an inert, fully encasing matrix.
  • Requires minimal pipe preparation for application.
  • The knitted fiberglass construction of STOP IT® BoreShield ensures exceptional conformability to various pipe shapes and configurations including tees, elbows, saddles, joints, and step profiles.

This is just one of many great Stop-IT products that we carry, see the whole catalog here.


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