Trenton Wax-Tape #1: Premier Non-Firming Anticorrosion Wrap for Subterranean Protection – Brown

Wax-Tape #1 wrap is composed of a blend of microcrystalline waxes, plasticizers and corrosion inhibitors saturated into a non-woven, non-stitch bonded synthetic fabric, forming a tape wrapper. They also contain no siliceous mineral fillers. For application on below ground metal surfaces, pipe or fittings to prevent corrosion.

Requires Brown Primer

Trenton #1 Wax Tape – 2″ x 9′ – 48/Case

Trenton #1 Wax Tape – 4″ x 9′ – 24/Case

Trenton #1 Wax Tape – 6″ x 9′ – 16/Case

Trenton #1 Wax Tape – 6″ x 18′ – 8/Case

Trenton #1 Wax Tape – 9″ x 18′ – 6/Case

Trenton #1 Wax Tape – 12″ x 18′ – 4/Case


Trenton Wax-Tape #1: Premier Non-Firming Anticorrosion Wrap for Subterranean Protection

Trenton Wax-Tape #1 stands as a testament to enduring belowground metal protection, seamlessly compatible with a diverse array of materials including steel, ductile iron, and PVC.

Robust and Reassuring

  • Clients consistently report pristine metal conditions beneath Trenton Wax-Tape #1, even after years of application, exemplifying its reliability and the ease with which it can be inspected and reapplied for continuous defense.
  • This non-firming wrap retains its pliability, complementing cathodic protection efforts and is a go-to solution within the oil and gas, water, and chemical sectors.

Innovative Composition

  • Each wrap is crafted from a meticulously balanced mix of microcrystalline waxes, plasticizers, and corrosion inhibitors, infused into a resilient non-woven, non-stitch bonded synthetic fabric, creating an effective tape-like barrier.
  • Notably absent are any siliceous mineral fillers, ensuring a pure and focused corrosion resistance.

Versatile and User-Friendly Application

  • Wax-Tape #1 excels in environments where only minimal surface preparation is achievable, showcasing remarkable adaptability to irregular contours and shapes.
  • Ready for immediate backfilling, this wrap eliminates waiting periods as there’s no need for drying or curing.
  • Its efficacy is not compromised by wet conditions; the tape can be directly applied to damp surfaces without loss of adhesion or protection.
  • Safety is paramount with Wax-Tape #1 — it’s nontoxic, nonflammable, does not carry carcinogenic properties, and is free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Opt for Trenton Wax-Tape #1 for a non-firming, environmentally conscious, and exceptionally versatile anticorrosion wrap, assuring the long-term integrity of your belowground metal installations.

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