Polyguard 606 Filler Tape


POLYGUARD 606 FILLER COMPOUND is a fabric reinforced coating for molding irregular surfaces. 606 FILLER COMPOUND is a cold applied protective coating. Within the rubberized bitumen coating is a continuous filament thermoplastic fiber for reinforcement. The fiber adds tensile strength and provides resistance to tear. The continuous filament fiber used to reinforce the coating is randomly arranged and highly dispersed within the compound. The fiber can be stretched within its break level so as not to restrict conformability and to assure exceptionally good molding characteristics. The coating is supplied in rolls and utilizes both paper and plastic film release sheets which are removed prior to application.



  • Easily applied and provides excellent conformation and molding properties.
  • Has excellent resistance to water or vapor transmission.
  • Not subject to deterioration from below ground acids and alkalis that are encountered in normal soil.
  • Has excellent ability to resist infiltration of moisture.
  • Has elastomeric properties to accommodate normal expansion and contraction of the substrate.
  • Includes as the basic corrosion coating a polymer modified bitumen.

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Weight 40 lbs
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