Maxon CRS – 1 Gallon


CRS (Corrosion Retardant Solution) is an anti-corrosion primer that possesses the unique ability to penetrate tightly adhered intact rust and pacifying the corrosion process, dramatically reducing prep time and costs. CRS is a proprietary formula that is more than just a primer, it provides time savings while prolonging the life of topcoats.

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  • CRS is an ANTI-CORROSION PRIMER that has the unique ability to be applied directly onto rust.*
  • CRS contains OXYGEN BLOCKING PROPERTIES, which allow it to virtually stop the corrosion process.
  • CRS provides EXTREME TIME SAVINGS by dramatically reducing preparation costs and requirements.

CRS is a green product and contains a low VOC level of 25 grams per liter.
* tightly adhered intact rust that is prepared to our spec.

NOTE: Maxon CRS is not a structural or restorative product and should only be used on substrates that are structurally sound.

Sprayed: 500 square feet  /  45.5 square meters
Rolled: 400 square feet  /  37.15 square meters

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