Cortec Boiler Preservation


Cortec’s boiler layup products have provided a simple and effective solution for boiler operators who want to look forward to an easy startup. The Boiler Lizard®, Boiler Gecko™, Boiler Dragon™, and the Boiler Egg™ are all easy to apply (no quick lime or silica gel needed) to drained boilers of various sizes. They provide protection against corrosion during the layup period (or in the case of the Boiler Egg™, during the critical startup phase) helping operators avoid resultant leakage, blockage, and repair headaches. To streamline the process even further, these products typically do not even need to be removed at startup.

For Boiler Dragon or Boiler Egg, contact USI direct at 248.735.7000

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Cortec® solutions to boiler corrosion are much easier to apply and maintain, minimizing labor and making a speedier path to recommissioning. They typically do not require an airtight seal as is necessary for nitrogen blanketing and dry air systems. They also offer safer alternatives to methods such as nitrogen blanketing or hydrazine.


Cortec® Corporation offers global corrosion solutions for various industries. As the leading provider of eco-friendly VpCI® and MCI® corrosion control technologies, Cortec® aims to present affordable, user-friendly solutions for corrosion issues in sectors like packaging, metalworking, construction, electronics, and oil and gas.

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