Magcrete Rapid set Concrete Repair – 1/2 Pallet (20 bags, 55 lbs each)


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Redefine your concrete repair experience with DUROMAR MAGCRETE™, a premier two-component, Rapid Set concrete solution expertly crafted using cutting-edge, inorganic Magnesia-based technology. Tailor-made for swift strength development, this product is a powerhouse in withstanding ultra-high temperatures, ensuring longevity and durability in the most demanding conditions.

As a Rapid Set concrete, DUROMAR MAGCRETE™ is the go-to material for urgent and efficient patching of floors, slabs, and various concrete structures. Its finely-tuned formula allows for both superficial touch-ups on minor damages and robust repairs on more extensive concrete deterioration. Whether you’re addressing the high-temperature rigors of arc and blast furnace floors, the extreme wear of smelter floors, or the unique demands of flame trenches, this product excels. Moreover, it’s your ally in cold-climate projects, seamlessly curing in temperatures as low as -15°F, perfect for urgent freezer floor patching.

Engineered specifically for horizontal applications, DUROMAR MAGCRETE™ guarantees a hassle-free mixing and application process, solidifying its status as the epitome of Rapid Set concrete materials. In scenarios where vertical or overhead interventions are required, MAGCRETE VERTICAL™ steps in as the ideal companion.

Key features of DUROMAR MAGCRETE™:

  • Exceptionally user-friendly, ensuring an effortless mix and application.
  • Boasts Rapid Set properties, becoming light traffic-ready within mere minutes.
  • Cold weather resilient, effectively curing in temperatures down to -15°F.
  • Withstands ultra-high temperatures, maintaining integrity up to 2000°F.

For enhanced chemical resistance, all DUROMAR MAGCRETE™ products readily accommodate top coating applications. Transform your concrete repairs with the unmatched speed and reliability of DUROMAR MAGCRETE™—where Rapid Set meets unparalleled performance.

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