Duromar EAC: Premium Brushable Coating for Abrasion and Chemical Resistance


DUROMAR EAC is a brushable and versatile maintenance material, which has excellent resistance to both acids and caustics, as well as having excellent abrasion resistance. It is primarily used to resurface any component requiring both abrasion and chemical resistance such as tanks, heat exchangers, valve or pump internals.

Duromar EAC Ceramic – Gray or Red – 10 x 1 kg – 10/Case

Duromar EAC Ceramic – Gray or Red – 1 x 1 kg


Duromar EAC is a highly versatile and brushable maintenance material, renowned for its outstanding resistance to both acidic and caustic environments, as well as its superior abrasion resistance. This coating is specifically designed for resurfacing components that require robust protection against both chemical attack and wear, such as tanks, heat exchangers, and valve or pump internals.

Key Attributes of Duromar EAC:

  • Exceptional Chemical and Thermal Resistance: Offers long-lasting protection in harsh chemical environments and under varying temperature conditions.
  • High Abrasion Resistance: Effectively withstands moderate levels of abrasion, ensuring durability and longevity of coated surfaces.
  • Optimal Fluid Flow Characteristics: Maintains smooth fluid flow, making it suitable for internal coatings in fluid handling systems.
  • Sustained Flexibility: Retains its flexibility over time, adapting to the needs of dynamic environments.
  • Cavitation Resistance: Offers excellent resistance to cavitation, ideal for high-stress applications.

The Duromar EAC Ceramic Lining is an essential solution for industries looking for a reliable, high-performance coating that provides comprehensive protection against both chemical corrosion and physical abrasion. Its ease of application and resilient formulation make it an ideal choice for a wide range of maintenance and resurfacing tasks.


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