LifeLast DuraShield 310 – Jar Repair Kit


NSF-600 approved
The Kit is a DuraShield 310 – 1 Gallon Kit – Two White 1/2 gallon Jars.

DuraShield 310-61 (DS310-61) is a 100% solids, two-component polyurethane coating that contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC), solvents or hydrocarbon extending fillers. The DS310-61 Joint & Repair System (JARS) is a user-friendly polyurethane formulation that can be hand applied to field joints and used for repairs. The long pot life of DS310-61 allows for hand application on larger surfaces, and the short cure time decreases the waiting time between coats. The hydrophobic nature of DS310-61 makes it suitable for hand application without foam formation, even in humid environments. DS310-61 provides the low permeability and chemical resistance of an epoxy, with the durability, flexibility and fast cure times of polyurethanes.


Key advantages include:

  • NSF-600 approved

  • Brushable

  • Highly impermeable—excellent corrosion protection
  • Abrasion & impact resistant
  • Great chemical resistance
  • Virtually unlimited build capabilities—20 mils up to inches
  • Easy to achieve excellent coverage
  • Quick cure times minimize time out of service
  • Field-friendly application
  • Quick, inexpensive maintenance

This blend of properties results in excellent application characteristics, while at the same time making it ideal for long-term immersion protection. While DS310-61 has fast cure times, the nature of its chemistry allows for long recoat windows relative to comparative 100% solid urethanes. This helps to mitigate layering and recoat adhesion problems. DS310-61 is also formulated to provide optimal build properties, imparting good coverage properties on edges, seams and welds.

Typical Applications 

  • Potable Water Pipe Linings 
  • Potable Water Tank Linings 
  • Lining for Potable Water Valves and Fittings 
  • Girth Weld Coatings for Steel Pipe 

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Additional information

Weight 24 lbs


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