Densopol 60 & 60HT Tape Heavy Duty PVC/Bitumen Fabric-Reinforced


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Densopol 60 & 60 HT: Premier Cold Applied Anti-Corrosion Tape

This tape by Denso represents a high-performance solution for the anti-corrosion protection of buried or immersed pipes and fittings. This tape features a unique composition, consisting of a synthetic fabric reinforcement coated with a rubber bitumen adhesive and backed with a PVC film, ensuring durability and reliability in challenging environments.

Key Features of Densopol 60 & 60 HT:

  • Surface Adaptability: Effectively applied to surfaces with marginal preparation (SSPC SP 2-3), it provides versatility in its application.
  • Ease of Application: This cold applied tape can be easily handled either manually or with a machine, making it suitable for a variety of project scopes, including weld joints, bends, bare pipe lengths, and pipe fittings.
  • Conformability: Its excellent conformability ensures a snug and secure fit around pipes and fittings, even in irregular shapes or angles.
  • Impact Resistance: Designed to withstand physical impacts, Densopol 60 & 60 HT offers robust protection against external damage.
  • Superior Adhesion: The tape exhibits exceptional adhesive properties both to the pipe and to itself, creating a cohesive and reliable barrier.
  • Cathodic Disbonding Resistance: It provides excellent resistance to cathodic disbonding, ensuring long-term protection in submerged or buried environments.
  • Compatibility with Common Pipe Coatings: It is designed to work harmoniously with most standard pipe coatings, enhancing its applicability across different pipeline systems.

Densopol 60 & 60 HT is more than just a protective tape; it is an integral component in preserving the integrity and functionality of pipeline systems. Whether for industrial, utility, or infrastructure applications, this tape delivers unmatched performance in anti-corrosion protection.


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2" x 3' (Case of 24), 2" x 33' Case of 24, 4" x 33' Case of 12, 6" x 33' Case of 8


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